I'm having a problem turning my fixed appliance

Please note that it is completely normal to feel resistance when turning the appliance. However, it is important to assess if this has been an existing problem, or is newly occurring.
Problem before the appliance is bonded
If there is a problem turning the screw before bonding, it is possible that there is some residual wax left on the threads of the screw that was not removed during the dewaxing process. 
This can be solved by simply running the screw under warm/hot water to dissolve the wax.
Problem after the appliance is bonded
If the patient has had problems with turning the screw since insertion, it could be an issue with some residual wax left on the threads of the screw, as above. If problems with turning appear after insertion, it could be a hygiene issue, with some tartar build-up on the threads of the screw. Thisa may happen if the patient is not cleaning the appliance well.
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